Ticket sales via block chain: Ajax Amsterdam has new partners

Ajax Amsterdam appoints SecuTix and TIXnGO as new technology partners and will in future rely on Blockchain for ticket sales.

The sale of tickets on the black market has always been a thorn in the side of the organisers. In the meantime, a procedure has been implemented using block chain technology to prevent such activities. Also the illegal forgery of tickets has become virtually impossible thanks to Blockchain. One of the major events that will rely on block chain ticketing is the European Football Championship 2020, which, as we all know, has now been postponed by one year to 2021. Before that, there had already been a successful test of ticket sales by the Dutch Football Association.

In this context, a report by the Dutch football club Ajax Amsterdam fits the bill. The club has appointed the cloud-based ticket solution SecuTix and its brand TIXnGO, the secure mobile ticket exchange, as new technology partners of the club. Under the agreement, Ajax will also become a development partner for the SecuTix 360° SaaS ticketing platform and will work on new features specifically for the sports sector.

The Dutch professional football club already started selling tickets via TIXnGO in summer 2020. In a series of pilot events a limited number of local fans were let back into the Johan Cruyff Arena. The test was quite promising. As a result, 10,000 fans were able to purchase their tickets at the match on 20 September using the mobile TIXnGO ticket exchange.

Use of the Blockchain also in the health sector
TIXnGO has already been used for ticket sales at other sports events. For example in England, where in January this year the Lancashire County Cricket Club announced a use of the Blockchain app. This will allow fans to purchase mobile phone tickets for all national and international matches in 2020 on his home ground Emirates Old Trafford. The club successfully tested the platform in the 2019 season.

While sports and other organisers worldwide suffer from the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, TIXnGO has recognised the potential of the Blockchain for the health care sector. Health n Go was launched in May 2020. This is an app for mobile health certificates that enables the identification of persons who have become immune through digital certificates. Instead of storing the sensitive test results in a block chain, they are encrypted and stored on the user’s smartphone. The block chain is only used to verify the results.

The results of the Health n Go test phase were carried out together with the Swiss laboratory network Medisupport and the railway equipment supplier Mitisa. According to media reports, the first test phase was recently concluded with apparently encouraging results.

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